ANTHOLOGY: YEAR ONE has hit the shelves, folks! This little number contains my short story, “A Murder of Crows.” Now for the big questions…does it contain crows-yes! Does it have does it have avian death ala’ Hitchcock? Yes!

Most importantly…does it have cheetos?


Here’s the official blurb, “From the minds of guests of the first ANTHOLOGY (AnthoCon), Northern New England’s only Multi-Genre Literature and Arts Convention, comes a compendium of imaginative prose, poetry and art.”

You can snag this bad by by clicking the image at left or by clicking the link below.

Fantastic news, folks! The cover for “ANTHOLOGY: YEAR ONE,” containing my story, “A Murder of Crows” was just released this morning. Less than two weeks until the tome is available for purchase. “Eye” can’t wait to get my copy from the Four Horsemen (publishers of Shroud Magazine).

  • AnthologyYearOneWHEN BETSY WHISPERS – Marianne Halbert
  • THE OLD MAN – T.T. Zuma
  • SEQUENCE – Dustin LaValley
  • BOG KING – John Grover
  • A DAY AT THE BOOKSTORE – Timothy P. Flynn
  • THE GUESTS – Gregory L. Norris
  • APPLEDORE – David Bernard
  • STIR THE BONES – Jennifer Allis Provost
  • LYDIA LOSES HER CAR – Bracken MacLeod
  • THE LEGACY – Roxanne Dent
  • HELPING HANDS - Rona Gofstein
  • LUGH’S TRIBUTE – Ogmios
  • SHE CRIES – K. Allen Wood
  • A MURDER OF CROWS – Henry Snider
  • CLIFFHANGER – Stacey Longo
  • LAMENT AT SUNDOWN – Kevin Lucia
  • EAVESDROPPING – Michael Bailey
  • THE GREEN HOUR – Andrew Wolter
  • THE ELVIS LANDING – Jackie Gamber

first-look-at-the-new-anthology-read-the-end-firstREAD THE END FIRST,” containing my short story, “Stormfront,” made the Stoker Recommended Reading List!  My hat’s off to our tireless editor, Suzanne Robb, for making this happen.

I guess this means I have no choice but to attend the Stokers 2013 in New Orleans (yeah . . . like I wasn’t planning on going already).

Here’s the recommended reading list:

Well, after a long drought and killer (pun intended) writer’s block I received some fantastic news today.  My story, “A Murder of Crows,” has been accepted to be part of the “ANTHOLOGY 2012” collection put out by the Four Horsemen and Shroud Publishing.  Tossing in a little graphic here I made for the story, however, it is NOT the anthology cover (can’t wait to see that).


Okay, those of you following this.  I know I’ve been away, but I’ve discovered, at least for the moment, blogging just isn’t time-constructive for me.  I’ll catch up soon, but in the meantime, but in the end, you’ll just have to follow the insanity on Facebook.

Don’t you just love the peeks of reality that pops in during bouts of insomnia?


FFlogoWell, after a long internal debate, I’ve decided to found another writing group.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be an active part of the Colorado Springs Fiction Writer’s Group, but I feel it’s time for a more aggressive change.  Where the CSFWG focuses on making “Good Writing Better,” Fiction Foundry will focus on putting the final polish on pieces before publication.

This will be a fun experiment and I’m interested to see how it plays out.


Just a quick note for you, dear friends, that “Read the End First,” containing my story, “Stormfront,” is now available for purchase.  The best part is that I get to share a Table of Contents with my wife, Hollie.  Her story, “Blood and Soil,” also graces the pages.  Snag it on Amazon!

Okay folks, let’s see if I can put up a quick post.

I’ve been trying to balance so many aspects of my life I haven’t gotten a whole lot done lately.  Hopefully that will change.

So, what’s happened as of late?  Actively editing two novels for different houses right now, writing policy and proceedures for Evil Jester Press’ new audiobook branch, launching my personal business shortly and looking at dipping my toes into a new writer venue.  Sounds like fun, right?

We went to the World Horror Con in Salt Lake City, Utah and made it back alive.  Ready for a few observations?

1) Seeing Baptists picket Mormons is funny as hell.  Just sayin’

2) I’ve never seen lazier panhandlers.  We got blocked in by a car and waved over so they could ask for change.

3) John Skipp – enough said.

4) Party dress and boots make for one SEXY wife.

5) “Stay at Home Dad” – lactating horror comedy short.  I kid you not.

6) The Radisson Hotel actually knows how to make a bloody mary (no mix).

7) Wyoming’s I-80 is nothing but Kansas’ I-70 with fewer houses – boooooring.

More on the con soon.  Nothing like a deadline to get you back at it.




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