lipsI tell Hollie Johani Snider to smother me with kisses. Without missing a beat she pinches my nose and gives me a looooooong Bugs Bunny-esque smooch on the lips, making me gasp for air.

Gotta love a crazy woman!

MothersDayCard-1 copy

Did the Mother’s Day thing with Hollie and Josh. What’d we do, you ask? Well, we kept the rented car from Josh’s prom and drove the back roads all the way up through Elizabeth to Bennet, CO. Why? Because we heard they had a silo there (and we were right). In another words…why the hell not? It was a gypsy day full of fun and fantastic views.

Had fun listening to “We’re Alive” on the drive back. What’s that? A zombie radio play on Mother’s Day? Hey…it was HER idea. Want to listen? Click their image at the bottom of the post.


We're Alive!


So, for a family day, Hollie, Josh, and I went to see Rob Zombie’s LORDS OF SALEM (yeah, I know – weird family). This movie was subtle and definitely not what I expected from a splatterporn director. The surprise was well-received. Now on to the review….

Suspense earns this little flick an easy A. As I said in the opening, this Rob Zombie creation actually relies on plot and characterization to Continue reading

straightjacket1“Few things are more entertaining than a mime in a confessional.”mime


What the hell is this, you ask? This started as just me sending friends stray thoughts that should’ve been shot down, but managed to escape into the world. After the emergence of the one here, originally posted yesterday, I was “told” to share these with the fellow inmates of the asylum. So every month I’ll be adding a tidbit from the dark recesses of my mind. I guess you could call it my tribute to Jack Handy’s “Deep Thoughts.”

I hope you devour them.


post_iconWhat a day! Went to the first meeting of Fiction Foundry’s new Sunday group. Loved seeing so many writers passionate about their work. Existing FF members filled the new ones in on how the dynamics work (since yours-truly has fallen a bit behind on adding the information to the FF website).

As to the critiques…they went great! People loved the conceptual critique format. Brainstorming ran rampant which is what one of the FF goals are.

…and another of the great parts…beer at a local pub following the meeting. How can you go wrong with crazy writers, critiques and beer?

Here’s most of ‘em (missed a few at this first meeting, but they’re chomping at the bit for the next one).

The best part? Every last one of them are completely batshit crazy!





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