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libraryofhorror_iconMy short story “A Murder of Crows” has been accepted for publication in the forthcoming “Fearology 2: Beware all Animals Great and Small.”

Here’s the Table of Contents (TOC):

Fearology 2:
Beware all Animals Great and Small TOC

  • Running With The Pack –  D. K. Latta
  • Cat Food -  Joleen Kuyper
  • Walk ‘Em Up -  Gef Fox
  • The Monkey’s Sandwich -  Craig Saunders
  • Horseman -  Renee Carter Hall
  • Alien Registration -  James Peak
  • Revenge On Apex Mountain -  Michael Hodges
  • What Doesn’t Kill -  K. A. Dean
  • Roaches –  Amanda Northrup Mays
  • Goats Do Roam -  Christopher King
  • Mahishasura -  Richard Marsden
  • A Murder Of Crows -  Henry Snider
  • Sons Of Gula -  R. M. Ridley
  • Canis Finalis -  Aaron Legler
  • Feeding Oscar -  Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
  • Night Of The Widow -  Alex J. Kane
  • Smells Like Neurosis -  Kent Alyn
  • Peek-A-Boo -  Eric Dimbleby
  • Beastial -  Martin Rose
  • Infestation –  Tom Harold
  • On The Banks Of The Royal Marsh -  Daniel Powell
  • Doctor Dolittle He Ain’t -  Wayne Goodchild
  • The Tora Bora Horror -  Gregory L. Norris

More information as it becomes available.

It’s “Day of the Animals” all over again.  Bad, puppy.  Bad, bad, bad!





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