So, for a family day, Hollie, Josh, and I went to see Rob Zombie’s LORDS OF SALEM (yeah, I know – weird family). This movie was subtle and definitely not what I expected from a splatterporn director. The surprise was well-received. Now on to the review….

Suspense earns this little flick an easy A. As I said in the opening, this Rob Zombie creation actually relies on plot and characterization to Continue reading


film_reel…okay folks, I’m going to give a quick review of the EVIL DEAD remake “without” any spoilers. Wish me luck….

So, three generations of Sniders take off for a “guy day” and catch the EVIL DEAD remake. We come out with mixed feelings about the flick.

Shock value earns an easy A. Plenty of “eek” moments throughout the movie. However, it did lack on actual scares. This re-imagining of the movie took it from what could have easily been a solid, terrifying remake and put it into the realm of splatter porn. Don’t know what that is, kiddies? Continue reading





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