Rants & Raves

nightmareSo there it is, 5AM and I’m sound asleep, dreaming of goblins and ghoulies (loved that movie, by the way) and Cody, our old coy-dog (½ coyote) decides it’s the perfect time to let loose a mournful howl in his sleep . . . at the top of his lungs, I might add.

I nearly wet the bed.

Now I’m not actually 100% sure the old guy was asleep, because after I jumped out of bed and checked on him, he just laid there looking up at me, wagging his tail liked he’d just performed an amazing trick (when, let’s face it, folks, it was I who very nearly performed the trick).

I’ve been punked by a dog. Ashton Kutcher would be proud.


For the next little while my site might pop up, disappear, then pop up once more.

Some asshat hacker got in and “looks” to have only put up some cute splashscreens.  But we won’t actually know until my service provider and I go through every damned file.

I hope they’re pleased with themselves . . . and that they get dysentery at the most inopportune moment.



HS_logo_typewriter1Ever race a deadline?  You can’t really escape the little bastards.  All they do is keep closing in.  You either win or you lose.  No tie.  No, “Good try.”  Just the trophy or the long road home.  I just realized last night that an anthology I want to submit to has a Thursday deadline.  The word count’s low enough to hit without a problem, it’s the editing, getting Hollie to give it a once over and rewriting that has me a little flustered.

Of all things it’s a Wizard of Oz story.  We’ll see what happens.

Damned bloody deadlines!



After our little fiasco with Writers Fest (see previous post), Hollie and I were left up in Denver with a whole afternoon free – not a common thing.  Sly grins splayed across our faces and we turned it into a hookey day.  Is that where you skip out on responsibilities and go fishing?


No Radio.  No audiobooks.  Just Hollie, me, and the open road.  We haven’t done this in a long time. So we shot out I-70, survived Vail (we were creamed there the last time we drove through), and took Highway 24 south.  I stopped off at the abandoned town of Gilman and took a couple of photos (one from each side).  That place is truly creepy.  No wonder Dean Koontz used it as inspiration for the book Phantoms (fun side note: the movie adaption was filmed in Georgetown, Colorado).


gilman-BJust outside Buena Vista, I pulled over and took one last photo.  Nothing like seeing beautiful mountains blanketed in snow near sunset.


Now “this” is how writers recharge their batteries. Lots of quiet, a little conversation, and peace.

. . . and the best part . . . Hollie chose to wear flipflops!


MoM1_smallWell here it is a third of the way into the month of March and I get my “Masters of Macabre” competition packet.  My mind’s spinning dozens of twisted phobias I can turn into a fantastic piece of prose.

Now I’m not one to say the Fates like to twiddle with me, but when the e-mail with my listed items starts out with, “Henry- Hey, I don’t choose the items… I do it by roll of the dice, just like any self-respecting gamer,” you know the rest of the message is going to be interesting.

So what’s my horrible phobia I have to deal with?  They were actually “kind” enough (can you smell the sarcasm, here, folks?) to offer me my choice from four along the same topic.  Sex phobias, ladies and gentlemen, I get to write a horror story having to do with sex phobias.

Somewhere in the distance there’s a sixty-year-old chainsaw wielding virgin with self-denial issues just laughing her fool head off.



“Yappy New Jeer!”

No, that’s not it.

“Happy Blue Beer!”

No, that’s not it either.

“Crappy Jeweled Smear!”

. . . screw it.  I’m going to bed.



Why go with a WordPress themed site rather than a static website?  Simple.  I wanted to be able to share the writing/photography/imagery process and interact with the public at large.  Besides, after three years of bouncing around with different formats for static websites, I thought it might be a good idea to just suck it up and post one in the meantime.






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