Rants & Raves

So what does Josh want for his birthday?  More video games?  Nope.  The latest fashions for school and dating?  Nope.  A car to work on for the next year?  Not that either.  He goes “old school” on me and asks for another bow.

Now I’m figuring that this will be some fancy-schmancy compound bow with more bells and whistles than I could ever even begin to guess at.  What does he do?  He blows off the first salesman who keeps trying to push a compound unit on him and goes for a classic recurve (side note: if cars had lines as nice as this bow, they’d sell better).

He’s off to shoot it in a few days.  I’m just amazed at his choice – it’s a nice one.

Targets . . . er . . . kids in the neighborhood beware!



Did I ask for the moon?  To others – nope . . . to me – yup . . . and I got it.

One full day with absolutely “no” stress.  Hollie took my phone for the day.  Everyone dodged any calls that might turn into work or, “can I get some advice on this project” issues.

It was quiet, pleasant and playful all day.

“THAT” is what a perfect present really is.



mitchellmaraudersWell, we survived Hollie’s 20 year reunion.  I’m not sure what I was expecting (especially considering my own Cripple Creek reunion does 5-7 graduating class reunions since it’s so small), but the mixer – complete with six foot rabbit that ran down the middle of the road in front of Rasta Pasta – was hilarious.

Saturday we did the formal dinner and dancing.  I met a few people Hollie’s talked about off and on over the years and had a lot of fun.

Sunday . . . well . . . everyone forgot to bring their arks.  The rain hit so hard it started flooding the pavilion.  That’s something you don’t see everyday in Colorado.


This week just keeps getting better and better.

The last seven days has brought my story, “Someone to Watch Over Me” to the world, I received news that my civil war story will not only see print soon, but that it’s also being podcasted as a teaser for the anthology, “THE SOUTH SHALL RISE UNDEAD,” and received three acceptances for other anthologies (Pop” to “HOUSE OF PAIN,” “Singed” to “HELLOLOGY” and “The Vessel” to “HELP! WANTED: TALES OF ON-THE-JOB TERROR).  I really can’t put into words the feelings I have getting all of these acceptances and publications in such a short stretch of time.

“You like me!  You really, really like me!”


You editors and publishers are the best!



13-questionsOkay readers, my latest interview with Horror Addicts‘ Sapphire Neal is up and ready for your viewing pleasure . . . scrutiny . . . or barbed jabs – take your pick.  I did my best to plug everyone from my readers to forthcoming anthologies.  Less than 15 hours and Horror Addicts episode 61 comes out with “Someone to Watch Over Me!”



editingWell, it was bound to happen sooner or later.  For better than fifteen years I’ve edited others work, founded and ran an award-winning writing group (the Colorado Springs Fiction Writers Group), taught others how to do it for themselves and even gone so far as to teach creative writing.

Now I’ve been hired as an editor on the heels of my wife, Hollie Snider, to help authors at Library of the Living Dead Press.  Talk about big shoes to fill . . . wait . . . can I actually say that in this context and get away with it?

. . . Hollie . . . put down the knife . . . .



. . . and here I thought that skin condition cleared up.

Lee “Goatboy” (insert inappropriate joke here) Hartnup was kind enough . . . I feel strange putting it that way, folks . . . to zombify me again.

I figured since I updated my bio photo this week, why not let the ichor flow.  He does aaaaaamazing work.  Check him out at http://themoriartyofgore.wordpress.com/ .

Here’s the before and after:

Here’s the original
hfsiiib. . . and the Goatboy version:


imagesCATIU07PIt’s not often I go into health things on here, but after the insane laughter of friends I feel the need to.  I have crushed nerves or somesuch on the side of my head (from a car wreck in 2009), leaving me with blinding headaches most of the time.  Last year they severed a few key nerves and the pain lessened by about a third.  Well, nerves regenerate and I’ve been toughing it out for months before finally giving in and going back to the doc.  I get the, “yup – looks like we’ll have to sever them again.”

So, the keen observations from my loving wife sum it up with, “My mother always said I married a numbskull.”

Congratulate me, folks, for now I “am” a punchline.

Mad Scientist


Typically I explain Mondays as, “the day all other workdays force to go first.”  That pretty much explains the beginning of a typical work week.

So I’ve survived my Monday, braved not one, but two grocery stores with the Mrs. (and believe me, she’s a shopping ninja – she can snag a sale item off a shelf right in front of the person reaching for it).  We get home and what do I find waiting for me in my inbox?  Why pictures of Hollie and I completely zombified by a buddy overseas, Lee Hartnup.  If you get a chance, check out his site – it’s twisted and a lot of fantastic photos and projects he’s working on.  His site’s http://www.themoriartyofgore.wordpress.com/

I’m including mine here.  You’ll have to visit Hollie’s site to see hers (a sexy zombie – go figure).


I knew I never should’ve gone bobbing for French Fries.





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