Rants & Raves

lipsI tell Hollie Johani Snider to smother me with kisses. Without missing a beat she pinches my nose and gives me a looooooong Bugs Bunny-esque smooch on the lips, making me gasp for air.

Gotta love a crazy woman!


MothersDayCard-1 copy

Did the Mother’s Day thing with Hollie and Josh. What’d we do, you ask? Well, we kept the rented car from Josh’s prom and drove the back roads all the way up through Elizabeth to Bennet, CO. Why? Because we heard they had a silo there (and we were right). In another words…why the hell not? It was a gypsy day full of fun and fantastic views.

Had fun listening to “We’re Alive” on the drive back. What’s that? A zombie radio play on Mother’s Day? Hey…it was HER idea. Want to listen? Click their image at the bottom of the post.


We're Alive!


under-constructionSo I’m still updating the website (data mostly at this point). Be patient, all those photos, publications and bio information are on their way back.


daffy-duckWell folks, I’ve been threatening to fix my website for a while.  I’m sure you’ve noticed the longer and longer delays with each post.  The up side is that the site’s now repaired and working correctly.  The down side, I still have to finalize the pages and replace a bit of content.  With luck it’ll be back up to par over the next few days (along with several posts done over the last few months that never posted correctly).



Argh!  My short and sweet update. My WordPress website setup has been clunking along for over a year, but now I can’t add media items.  Looks like I’ll be re-installing next week after I take care of a couple of fires.

Oh well, I’ve been stalling on it long enough.


Left my regular holster with my shooting gear and was forced to wear an annoying backup tonight that got caught up on a folding chair – nearly shot myself in the ass. If anyone’s going to shoot my posterior it’s going to be the missus…at least that’s what she says.

I’m “officially” retiring this POS holster the next time I go shooting (gonna put more holes in it than a Missouri road sign).






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