Photography & Imagery

Hollie and I ran out to a couple of cemeteries for some last minute stock for a photo project (yeah – I know – shut up already).  We pull into the 26th street cemetery (I forget the name) and the Mrs. steps on the brakes and says in her best little-girl-at-Christmas voice, “Gimme the camera!  Gimme the camera!  Gimme!  Gimme!  Gimme!  She snapped a few pics off then let me take over.

Here’s 4 bucks kickin’ back in the quietest place in town and being pestered by magpies.

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Well, I fired off “Taste” for publication consideration.  While I won’t say where I submitted the tale (superstition’s kept many a person alive), I will share a few photos its based on.  These were taken a little while ago with a dear friend who’s just as twisted as I am.

All of the darker aspects of the images were done in PhotoShop.  The thumbnails below are cropped.  Click on them to see the full image.


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Edited by Henry Snider THE HORROR SOCIETY offers you... ...a trio of teens that discover not only houses can be haunted... ...a buried and all-but-forgotten Civil War era prison whose dark cells house more than antiques for treasure hunters... ...lovers who chance upon a southwestern cave containing the resting place of a pharaoh entombed far from home... ...a fire tower offering visitors views beyond belief and platform levels which never seem to end... ...abandoned train tracks leading a family to a century-old murder scene... These nightmares and more await you just around the corner in FORGOTTEN PLACES.







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