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scared_cat_clinging_to_treeNational Novel Writing Month? What the hell? I had a nice, simple month of work, study and testing the concepts of why the word “Catapult” begins with “Cat.” I sit back and ponder my mellow month when I hear the words, “If you write they will shut the hell up.


If you write they will shut the hell up.

So I’m all geared up to write. Who’s shutting the hell up? That’s the mystery.



The Horror Society’s first ever Igor Awards are now over. A huge tip of the hat to the winner, Doug Lamoreux. The anthology should hit the shelves October 15th, 2013. Below is the cover for the “Best of the Horror Society 2013” and the Table of Contents’ authors, containing me for my short story, “The Clown.” Yeah…knowing Hollie Johani Snider‘s phobia of clowns I went ahead and wrote a clown story. Muahahahahahahaaaaaa
Bestofthehorrorsociety2013-3D BEST OF THE HORROR SOCIETY 2013 TOC AUTHORS

  • FORWORD – Scott M. Goriscak
  • INTRODUCTION – Carson Buckingham
  • CEREMONY – William F. Nolan
  • TENDRILS NEVER LIE – Kevin A. Ranson
  • THE MASK – Lisamarie Lamb
  • LEMMINAID – Carson Buckingham
  • THE CENTRAL COAST – Jason V. Brock
  • WHITE HELL, WISCONSIN – Weldon Burge
  • VICTIMIZED – Richard Thomas
  • NORMAL IS RELATIVE – Dan Dillard
  • THE PROCEDURE – Doug Lamoreux
  • MADELEINE – Julianne Snow
  • IT HAS TEETH – Christian A. Larsen
  • MASQUERADE – Dave Jeffery
  • BLACK BIRD – Rose Blackthorn
  • ADJOINING ROOMS – Scott M. Goriscak
  • THE CLOWN – Henry Snider
  • MOVING DAY – Mark Onspaugh
  • ELLEN – Lee Pletzers
  • DADDY – Aaron Continue reading

post_iconWhat a day! Went to the first meeting of Fiction Foundry’s new Sunday group. Loved seeing so many writers passionate about their work. Existing FF members filled the new ones in on how the dynamics work (since yours-truly has fallen a bit behind on adding the information to the FF website).

As to the critiques…they went great! People loved the conceptual critique format. Brainstorming ran rampant which is what one of the FF goals are.

…and another of the great parts…beer at a local pub following the meeting. How can you go wrong with crazy writers, critiques and beer?

Here’s most of ‘em (missed a few at this first meeting, but they’re chomping at the bit for the next one).

The best part? Every last one of them are completely batshit crazy!



Okay folks, let’s see if I can put up a quick post.

I’ve been trying to balance so many aspects of my life I haven’t gotten a whole lot done lately.  Hopefully that will change.

So, what’s happened as of late?  Actively editing two novels for different houses right now, writing policy and proceedures for Evil Jester Press’ new audiobook branch, launching my personal business shortly and looking at dipping my toes into a new writer venue.  Sounds like fun, right?

We went to the World Horror Con in Salt Lake City, Utah and made it back alive.  Ready for a few observations?

1) Seeing Baptists picket Mormons is funny as hell.  Just sayin’

2) I’ve never seen lazier panhandlers.  We got blocked in by a car and waved over so they could ask for change.

3) John Skipp – enough said.

4) Party dress and boots make for one SEXY wife.

5) “Stay at Home Dad” – lactating horror comedy short.  I kid you not.

6) The Radisson Hotel actually knows how to make a bloody mary (no mix).

7) Wyoming’s I-80 is nothing but Kansas’ I-70 with fewer houses – boooooring.

More on the con soon.  Nothing like a deadline to get you back at it.




Just a heads-up for those of you attending ANTHOCON in November, Hollie and I will be on a few panels:

1: GETTING YOUR SHORT STORY PUBLISHED WITH THE SMALL PRESS – Both Hollie and I along with Peter Giglio, David Bernstein, Bill Tucker, Gregory L. Norris and moderated by Charles Day.

2: EVIL JESTER PRESS “HELP WANTED: TALES OF ON-THE-JOB TERROR” HOW AN ANTHOLOGY COMES TOGETHER – Both Hollie and I, Charles Day, Bill Tucker, Gregory L. Norris (and potentially a few others)

3: A WRITERS WORKSHOP WITH EDITOR HENRY SNIDER – I’ll be moderating and having David Bernstein and a few others on the panel with me (making my list now and checking it twice – only the naughty get in >;-D ).  We’ll be going over the good, the bad, and the ugly about critique groups and the best ways for writers to tighten their work before submitting to publications.



hellholeKevin Anderson was nice enough to shoot us an invitation for his “Hellhole” book signing so the four of us took the afternoon off and enjoyed the Tattered Cover in Highlands Ranch. Now, from the outside it definitely looks like any other bookstore – conforming to whatever the strip mall’s rules are.

Then we went inside.

Wooden shelves dyed dark, brick facades on the walls, rich carpeting and mismatched – often antique – chairs made up the interior of the building. This truly gave the same flavor as the old Tattered Covers (the 16th Street Mall and the one that used to be by the Cherry Creek Mall).

Hollie, Josh, mom and I set about doing what we do best – scouring the shelves for jewels we might buy and get lost in. We grabbed our goodies, and, of course, the copy of Kevin Anderson’s “Hellhole,” before settling in for his appearance.

There wasn’t long to wait.

kevinKevin came out, accompanied by a Tuscan Raider, Tie Fighter Pilot and a Snow Trooper, compliments of the 501st Legion Mountain Garrison. He spent about twenty minutes filling us in on the book, previous book signings, heavy breathers (you had to be there to understand this one, folks) and the general direction this first book of a new trilogy will go.


Afterward Kevin signed copies (that’s Josh getting his) and attendees had the opportunity to pose with characters. Hollie had her opportunity to get clobbered right along with the rest of the gang.


Definitely a night of fun.

Now to tear into the book!

Thanks Kevin and thanks to the 501st Legion Mountain Garrison.


Now, buy the book . . . or else!


writersfest2011-67x120Hollie and I went up to Writers Fest and, after fighting with the fact Denver decided to tear up “every” street around the 16th Street Mall, we arrived a little over an hour late. There’s no greeting table, paperwork, badges, etc., anywhere. Finally we found a Tattered Cover employee (the third we stopped) who knew about the fest and sent us down a long hall to the meeting room. Readings were going on at the time, so we wait out in the hall with several other people. No one there knew where the tables with information were either. After 45 minutes standing around waiting to enter (which is a long time for those of us on canes), Hollie and I gave up. So did several other people. I hope the fest went well, but even a card table with some basic information at the entrance would have gone a long way (who knows, maybe even a tentative schedule of events as well).

So how was Writers Fest 2011?

We have absolutely no idea.





Edited by Henry Snider THE HORROR SOCIETY offers you... ...a trio of teens that discover not only houses can be haunted... ...a buried and all-but-forgotten Civil War era prison whose dark cells house more than antiques for treasure hunters... ...lovers who chance upon a southwestern cave containing the resting place of a pharaoh entombed far from home... ...a fire tower offering visitors views beyond belief and platform levels which never seem to end... ...abandoned train tracks leading a family to a century-old murder scene... These nightmares and more await you just around the corner in FORGOTTEN PLACES.







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