pub_LOTLD_pressMy short story “1865” has been accepted for publication in the forthcoming civil war anthology, “The South Will Rise Undead.”  More information as it becomes available.

Zombies during the civil war – bad time to be dragging your feet during a march.

Here’s a sneak peek at the back cover, by Philip R. Rogers . . . .



pub_LOTLD_pressMy short story “Last Call” has been accepted for publication in the forthcoming “Rapid Decomposition – Living Dead Flash Stories.”  More information as it becomes available.

A note for everyone – proceeds for Rapid Decomposition are going to a fantastic charity – First Book (First Book is determined to see that all children, regardless of their economic conditions, can achieve more in school and in life through access to an ongoing supply of new books).  If you get a chance, check them out at

Hmmm, living . . . dead . . . flash.  Kinda sounds like a zombie photographer.  “Smile and say, ‘neayrrrgghhhhhh.'”



libraryofhorror_iconMy short story “Olden’s Wood” has been accepted for publication in the forthcoming “Fearology 3: Planting the Seeds of Horror.”

Here’s the current Table of Contents (TOC):

Fearology 3: Planting the Seeds of Horror TOC

  • Twilight – Thomas Canfield
  • Maybe Another Day - D. G. Sutter
  • Cabin 5 - A. D. Spencer
  • A Spring Bouquet - Don D’Ammassa
  • Sentries – Christin Haws
  • Pumpkins – Matt Kurtz
  • Mrs. Trillby’s Garden - Tonia Brown
  • Blood On The Ivy - James R. Silvestri
  • The Master Seed - Richard Marsden
  • Grip – Sara McDermott
  • Roots – Pete Sain
  • To Make Much Of Time - C. C. Blake
  • Urban Jungle - Rob Rosen
  • Gilded Lilly – Vic Kerry
  • Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree - T. L. Barrett
  • Her Special Day - Patricia Puckett
  • Olden’s Wood - Henry Snider
  • The Collective - Patrick D’Orazio

More information as it becomes available.

Killer plants . . . kinda makes me want to reconsider gardening without a really good Weedeater.


libraryofhorror_iconMy short story “A Murder of Crows” has been accepted for publication in the forthcoming “Fearology 2: Beware all Animals Great and Small.”

Here’s the Table of Contents (TOC):

Fearology 2:
Beware all Animals Great and Small TOC

  • Running With The Pack –  D. K. Latta
  • Cat Food -  Joleen Kuyper
  • Walk ‘Em Up -  Gef Fox
  • The Monkey’s Sandwich -  Craig Saunders
  • Horseman -  Renee Carter Hall
  • Alien Registration -  James Peak
  • Revenge On Apex Mountain -  Michael Hodges
  • What Doesn’t Kill -  K. A. Dean
  • Roaches –  Amanda Northrup Mays
  • Goats Do Roam -  Christopher King
  • Mahishasura -  Richard Marsden
  • A Murder Of Crows -  Henry Snider
  • Sons Of Gula -  R. M. Ridley
  • Canis Finalis -  Aaron Legler
  • Feeding Oscar -  Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
  • Night Of The Widow -  Alex J. Kane
  • Smells Like Neurosis -  Kent Alyn
  • Peek-A-Boo -  Eric Dimbleby
  • Beastial -  Martin Rose
  • Infestation –  Tom Harold
  • On The Banks Of The Royal Marsh -  Daniel Powell
  • Doctor Dolittle He Ain’t -  Wayne Goodchild
  • The Tora Bora Horror -  Gregory L. Norris

More information as it becomes available.

It’s “Day of the Animals” all over again.  Bad, puppy.  Bad, bad, bad!


typewriter-hfsArgh! My writers group is killing me. I’ve been pounding away at a short story and since about the 5,000 word mark I’ve been saying it’s too big – that this is a novel. No, they tell me, just get the story out. Now here I am past the 9,000 word mark and have to go back, pad the beginning with a few thousand words before I can continue.

It’s a novel. See, I knew it.





Edited by Henry Snider THE HORROR SOCIETY offers you... ...a trio of teens that discover not only houses can be haunted... ...a buried and all-but-forgotten Civil War era prison whose dark cells house more than antiques for treasure hunters... ...lovers who chance upon a southwestern cave containing the resting place of a pharaoh entombed far from home... ...a fire tower offering visitors views beyond belief and platform levels which never seem to end... ...abandoned train tracks leading a family to a century-old murder scene... These nightmares and more await you just around the corner in FORGOTTEN PLACES.







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