And the countdown commences for the Ghost Town Writers Retreat. Hollie and I can’t wait to enjoy a weekend with fellow dark fiction authors. It’s about time something like this happened here in Colorado. Come on August!


Ghost Town Writers Retreat

The Ghost Town Writers retreat is happening August 3rd through 6th, 2017, in Georgetown, Colorado, a Victorian mining town in the mountains. While the focus is on the darker side of writing (horror, mystery, paranormal romance, etc.) all are welcome. There will be a continuous track of general interest author topics  Friday through Sunday.


Brian Keene, Sara Megibow, Keith DeCandido, Don D’Auria, Stephen Graham Jones, Mario Acevedo, Josh Viola, Mary Sangiovanni, Jeanne C Stein, Shelley Adina, Guy Anthony De Marco, Jon Bassoff, Sean Eads, Travis Heermann, and more

Activities and Programing

We are going to have a jam packed weekend where attendees can pick from faculty/guest programming, writing time, and local activities including a steam train trip through the Rockies, touring a haunted Victorian manor, Visiting the power station constructed by Nikola Tesla which still powers the town, a walking history/ ghost tour, write ins, panel discussions, presentations, and more.

A note to flatlanders, tenderfoots, and others subject to infirmities

You will be operating at well over a mile above sea level. It may take some time for your metabolism to adjust. Make sure to drink plenty of water, as this will aid in the acclimatization.





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