film_reel…okay folks, I’m going to give a quick review of the EVIL DEAD remake “without” any spoilers. Wish me luck….

So, three generations of Sniders take off for a “guy day” and catch the EVIL DEAD remake. We come out with mixed feelings about the flick.

Shock value earns an easy A. Plenty of “eek” moments throughout the movie. However, it did lack on actual scares. This re-imagining of the movie took it from what could have easily been a solid, terrifying remake and put it into the realm of splatter porn. Don’t know what that is, kiddies? Think Touristas, the later SAW sequels, and especially the Hostel movies. Unfortunately, this horror tale went the direction of so many others, using the unblinking camera eye to gross out, rather than terrify. A good example would be Scarface’s chainsaw scene – you never actually see what happens (the camera cuts away at the last second), but the expressions and blood hitting the shower curtain still make viewers cringe.

Acting – I actually give this one a B+. Why that high? Because I bought into their performances. The actors, each and every one of them gave a solid performance from a substandard script.

Story – D-…at best. I found myself asking “why” more than going “I wonder…” throughout 2/3 of the movie. There’s ridiculous salutes to Stephen King’s Carrie, Buffy the vampire slayer, and several others. The worst part, for me at least, was they created a mythology in the movie, then violated it about ten minutes later.

Special Effects – A. Simple as that. Well done.

Final grade – C-. If you’re looking for something make you wince, give you plenty of jumps, and get the heart pounding, this is a fun one. If you’re looking for something to make you reconsider going to bed without a nightlight, you might want to pass on this Raimi remake.

…and in summation…after revisiting the infamous vine scene I don’t think I’ll be using toothpicks for a while.






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