FFlogoWell, after a long internal debate, I’ve decided to found another writing group.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be an active part of the Colorado Springs Fiction Writer’s Group, but I feel it’s time for a more aggressive change.  Where the CSFWG focuses on making “Good Writing Better,” Fiction Foundry will focus on putting the final polish on pieces before publication.

This will be a fun experiment and I’m interested to see how it plays out.





Edited by Henry Snider THE HORROR SOCIETY offers you... ...a trio of teens that discover not only houses can be haunted... ...a buried and all-but-forgotten Civil War era prison whose dark cells house more than antiques for treasure hunters... ...lovers who chance upon a southwestern cave containing the resting place of a pharaoh entombed far from home... ...a fire tower offering visitors views beyond belief and platform levels which never seem to end... ...abandoned train tracks leading a family to a century-old murder scene... These nightmares and more await you just around the corner in FORGOTTEN PLACES.







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