Ever have a day that you just don’t know how to feel about?  Try this one on for size
Twisted Library Press, which holds several of my stories in various anthologies, announces that it is cancelling the majority of their forthcoming selection line.  What does this mean to me?  It means the stories:

  • A Murder of Crows,” part of FEAROLOGY 2
  • Olden’s Wood,” part of FEAROLOGY 3
  • Singed,” part of HELLOLOGY
  • 1865,” part of SOUTH WILL RISE UNDEAD
  • Pop,” part of ZOMBIE ZAK’S HOUSE OF PAIN

have been dropped.  It happens and I feel for the press.  Of course I also am a bit peeved since some of these titles were held for a full year before the announcement.  So I took a bit to lick my wounds.

Now for the up sides . . . .

. . . are there up sides?

Why yes, yes there are.

The first piece of news, as per the graphic seen below, is that the very same day the announcement about “THE SOUTH WILL RISE UNDEAD” was announced, Pete Giglio, Executive editor at Evil Jester Press, contacted me and snatched my 1865 story up.  The catch – I have to expand it to 50,000 words or more – which isn’t a problem considering I wanted (ohhhhhh so badly) to do that in the first place.  So my short story gets to be a novella/novel and doesn’t even have to be shopped around.

My second piece of good news involves the story “Pop.”  You’ll notice that there’s no graphic for “ZOMBIE ZAK’S HOUSE OF PAIN“among the tombstones.  That’s because every author agreed to keep their stories with Zak and Bill to let them shop the anthology around to other presses.  So, it’s in a form of Limbo right now, but fingers are still crossed.






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