typewriter-hfsI think the clickety clack of my keyboard is beginning to drive the dogs nuts.  They see the laptop flip open, my eyes close and fingers fly across the keyboard.  By the time I take a break and open my eyes, the dogs, and even the cats, are gone.  I wonder who else I could get rid of this way?

As for the beast that is writing, I have my goals set up for the next few months.  I think they’re attainable, but challenging.

Here’s the rundown between now and August 1st:

  • Finish story for podcast on Horror Addicts ( http://www.horroraddicts.net ) and get it to Melanie Skipp to read before the May 19th deadline.
  • Write and edit story for Hellology anthology.
  • Write and edit story for Ultimate Angels anthology so it can be submitted to my critique group at the end of May.
  • Write, edit and submit story for Masters of Macabre competition.
  • Write, edit and submit story for CSFWG anthology.
  • Write final 40,000 words of “Drive-In Feature”
  • Edit and submit “A Little Rain.”
  • Edit and submit “Fellowship.”
  • Edit and submit “Page 57.”
  • Have “Olden’s Wood” read for podcast.
  • Have “A Murder of Crows” read for podcast.
  • Have “Last Call” read for podcast.

Why do I bother sharing this?  Simple, I’ve had several friends ask why I’m unavailable in the mornings.  I think this answers the question pretty well. With a little luck, my next post will be about another story acceptance.






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