Typically I explain Mondays as, “the day all other workdays force to go first.”  That pretty much explains the beginning of a typical work week.

So I’ve survived my Monday, braved not one, but two grocery stores with the Mrs. (and believe me, she’s a shopping ninja – she can snag a sale item off a shelf right in front of the person reaching for it).  We get home and what do I find waiting for me in my inbox?  Why pictures of Hollie and I completely zombified by a buddy overseas, Lee Hartnup.  If you get a chance, check out his site – it’s twisted and a lot of fantastic photos and projects he’s working on.  His site’s http://www.themoriartyofgore.wordpress.com/

I’m including mine here.  You’ll have to visit Hollie’s site to see hers (a sexy zombie – go figure).


I knew I never should’ve gone bobbing for French Fries.





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