hellholeKevin Anderson was nice enough to shoot us an invitation for his “Hellhole” book signing so the four of us took the afternoon off and enjoyed the Tattered Cover in Highlands Ranch. Now, from the outside it definitely looks like any other bookstore – conforming to whatever the strip mall’s rules are.

Then we went inside.

Wooden shelves dyed dark, brick facades on the walls, rich carpeting and mismatched – often antique – chairs made up the interior of the building. This truly gave the same flavor as the old Tattered Covers (the 16th Street Mall and the one that used to be by the Cherry Creek Mall).

Hollie, Josh, mom and I set about doing what we do best – scouring the shelves for jewels we might buy and get lost in. We grabbed our goodies, and, of course, the copy of Kevin Anderson’s “Hellhole,” before settling in for his appearance.

There wasn’t long to wait.

kevinKevin came out, accompanied by a Tuscan Raider, Tie Fighter Pilot and a Snow Trooper, compliments of the 501st Legion Mountain Garrison. He spent about twenty minutes filling us in on the book, previous book signings, heavy breathers (you had to be there to understand this one, folks) and the general direction this first book of a new trilogy will go.


Afterward Kevin signed copies (that’s Josh getting his) and attendees had the opportunity to pose with characters. Hollie had her opportunity to get clobbered right along with the rest of the gang.


Definitely a night of fun.

Now to tear into the book!

Thanks Kevin and thanks to the 501st Legion Mountain Garrison.


Now, buy the book . . . or else!





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