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During the last two decades, Henry Snider has dedicated his time to helping others tighten their writing through critique groups, classes, lectures, prison prose programs, and high school fiction contests. He co-founded Fiction Foundry (est. 2012) and the award-winning Colorado Springs Fiction Writer’s Group (1996-2013). Thirteen years to the month from founding the CSFWG, he retired from the presidency. After a much needed vacation, he returned to the literary world. While still reserving enough time to pursue his own fiction aspirations, he continues to be active in the writing community through a publishing house, classes, editing services, and advice. Henry lives in Colorado with his wife, fellow author and editor Hollie Snider, son – poet Josh Snider and numerous neurotic animals, including, of course, Fizzgig, the token black cat.

Common Questions

Your bio mentions your whole family are writers. How did you meet your wife?

How long have you been writing?

Fiction? Since I was around ten. I always hated reading. My parents started me on comics, then, once I was hooked, worked me up to novels. Early on I fell in love with not only the written word, but the magic it takes to create a story.

Have you written anything other than fiction?

Do grocery lists count?

What was the first thing you published?

The story was called “The Vessel” and was published in the anthology HELP! WANTED: TALES OF ON-THE-JOB TERROR. It’s a Lovecraftian horror erotica piece.

You mention two writing groups you co-founded. Why two?

Which of the two groups would you recommend to a writer?

Are there any other groups you’re a part of?

You haven’t published much, with 2019 appearing to be your most productive year to date. Why is that?

What about people who don’t offer fair criticisms of your work?

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