DARKNESS WIRED, containing my short story “Skewed Perception” released today and is available for purchase in print and Kindle formats.

New tech Vs. Old Gods.

Are you going to take the winner for granted?

Find out in this exciting anthology, where our writers take on old mythos and older Gods with modern technology!

Join in!

Cosmic evil has tainted and corrupted humanity and a new disease that turns people to bones is loose on the world. Yet one more war has broken out and is tearing the planet apart under the corrupted gaze of Nyarlathotep. We have the goods!

  • Watery monsters
  • Wendigos
  • Augmented reality crosses over into new dimension
  • A disease that slowly turns you to bone and drives you mad with hallucinations
  • Biological corruption and chaos
  • A Hospital haunted by evil, and the unlikely hero that comes to its rescue
  • Titanic Watchers of Mars